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What is Natureology?

        With two decades of experience leading and developing environmental education and conservation programs, Maureen Stine’s approach to multisensory nature exploration is interactive and dynamic. She excels at ‘speaking the language of the student’, building alliances and understanding between the classroom and the appreciation of the out-of-doors.
        Her expertise in environmental science, facilitation, leadership, and organizational development arises from an eclectic, 20 year collection of professional adventures directing federal and state environmental education centers and nonprofit organizations around the US.
        Maureen designs and implements quality environmental education programs for children, (1st grade through college levels and adults) and professional development opportunities for teachers, parents, and group leaders. All programs for students are geared toward helping educators achieve the Grade Level Content Expectations supported by the Michigan Department of Education. Teachers are provided nature exploration programs on Michigan’s natural resources. Professional development opportunities for teachers can achieve the CEU credits.

For whom are the programs intended?

        Programs are specially developed and designed to meet the educational needs of elementary, middle school, high school and college level students. Programs are also offered for scouts, campers in municipal, state, and federal parks, and forests, campgrounds, and other public and private camp settings. We offer programs for private parties or groups as well.
Professional development opportunities are intended for teachers, group leaders, and parents all across Michigan and the Great Lakes Basin, please read more about the details on the ‘Professional Development for Teachers” tab.

Where do programs take place?

        We offer a ‘living laboratory’ for teachers and students within the confines of 40 acres of pristine, rustic land in Northern Cheboygan County adjacent to the University of Michigan Biological Station near Douglas Lake. The property boasts lowland coniferous stands with a flowing stream, and upland hardwoods. Ample opportunities exist for wildlife observation and research. Programs take place at this location, or at your school, community center, on state or federally owned land, or in your own backyard. Because each program is tailored to fit your needs, each program setting is decided upon by you.


How do I reserve a program?

        All programs and activities are custom designed and affordable to meet your learning needs. After reviewing the program selections, please contact us at: 231-838-4913 or through email at: to discuss your students learning needs and tailor a plan to suit your classroom budget.

Certified Park and Recreation Professional   
Certified Heritage Interpreter


Mission Statement

I believe in challenging students of the Great Lakes through community pride, awareness, and involvement, while demonstrating an absolute commitment to the conservation of our natural resources. I strive to tease out that innate natural connection with our planet and probe to determine the uniqueness of each student. My program goals are to spark young minds through inspiration, encouragement, and rewarding students that question the world around them.

Maureen Stine

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