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Professional Development

For Teachers

Try something new with your students this year! Reserve a group program with fellow teachers. Call us to organize a group program. Maureen is a Certified Facilitator of the following state and national programs:

Project WET

PROJECT W.E.T. (Water Education for Teachers)

The mission of Project WET is to reach children, parents, educators, and communities of the world with water education. We invite you to join us in educating children about the most precious resource on the planet – water. Project WET activities engage students with hands-on, interdisciplinary lessons that teach important concepts about water.


Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support

The MEECS contains five Michigan-specific units which provide an opportunity for students in grades 4-9 to learn about Michigan's economy and environment through outstanding, inquiry-oriented, data-based lessons in science and social studies. The units have been field tested by 120 teachers in more than 200 Michigan classrooms. The units can be used individually, adopted into a school's multi-year science curricula or combined to form the basis for an integrated science course.

Project WILD

Project W.I.L.D. (Wildlife in Learning Development)

The program emphasizes wildlife because of their intrinsic, ecological value, as well as their role in teaching how ecosystems function. In the face of competing needs and pressures affecting the quality and sustainability of life on earth, Project WILD addresses the need for human beings to develop as responsible citizens of our planet. It is based on the premise that young people and educators have a vital interest in learning about our natural world.

Flying WILD

Flying Wild

Flying WILD, a program of the Council for Environmental Education, introduces students to bird conservation through standards-based classroom activities and environmental stewardship projects.

Salmon in the Classroom

Salmon In The Classroom

Salmon in the Classroom teaches students about our state's freshwater resources though interactive, hands-on learning. This exciting, instrumental learning experience enables students to raise, care for and maintain the salmon in their classroom from fall until spring. The program culminates at the end of the school year with the release of the young fish in a local watershed that feeds one of the Great Lakes.

Project FISH

Project F.I.S.H. (Friends Involved in Sportfishing Heritage)

Project F.I.S.H is an educational program for youth and families sponsored locally by schools, fishing conservation organizations, others interested in fishing and our fisheries. E-mail

Project Learning Tree

Project Learning Tree

Project Learning Tree is an award-winning environmental education program designed for teachers and other educators, parents and community leaders working with youth from preschool through Grade 12. Project Learning Tree uses the forest as a "window" into natural and built environments, helping people gain an awareness and knowledge of the world around them, as well as their place within it.

National Archery in the Schools Program

National Archery in the Schools Program

The Interpreter is a Certified Basic Archery Instructor through this national program. The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) is a joint venture between state departments of Education and Wildlife. Several archery equipment manufacturers and organizations are also partners (listed below). The program promotes student education, physical education and participation in the life long sport of Archery. The program’s focus is to provide International Style Target Archery training in physical education classes, grades 4 - 12.