Curriculum Vitae

Park Interpreter celebrating twenty-seven years of front-line visitor service developing public workshops, projects and programs seeks to advance exceptional opportunities showcasing the State of Michigan's natural resources.

Bachelor of Science, Outdoor Recreation Resources Management, Forestry
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois, 1999
Master of Science, Life Sciences Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia
(12 credit hours completed)

June, 2009 to Present, Northern Lower Michigan
Certified Heritage Interpreter
My work entails the development and implementation of quality public programs, professional workshops, guided tours and interpretive talks at historical and natural treasures including the Oden State Fish Hatchery and Young, Petoskey, Wilderness, Burt Lake, and Cheboygan State Parks, and the International Dark Sky Park of Emmet County. I am a certified facilitator of all 7 units of the Michigan Environmental Education Support Curriculum, and a certified facilitator of Project WET (Water Education for Teachers), Project WILD (Wildlife in Learning Development), Project Learning Tree, and Flying Wild. In October, 2016 I became the first person in the State of Michigan to achieve the Environmental Educator Certification (EEC-P), through the Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education. In 2021 I became a certified forest therapy guide with the Association of Forest Therapy Guides and Programs. Environmental education endeavors are supported through partnerships and successful grant proposals that have been awarded by the Charlevoix County Community Foundation, the Petoskey Harbor Springs Community Foundation, the National Association for Interpretation and Patagonia. I have authored environmental education curriculum for the State of Michigan including the Salmon in the Classroom curriculum, hemlock woolly adelgid, the Michigan School Forest Guide and Tree ID for Children, Michigan State University Bulletin E-2332. Interpretive program implementation includes partnerships with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the North Country Trail Association, the Michigan Association of Conservation Districts, Sturgeon for Tomorrow, multiple Educational Service Districts, Opportunities Unlimited for the Blind and the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians.

May, 2020 to August, 2021, Northern Lower Michigan
Piping Plover Conservation Recovery Team
University of Minnesota
In a unique partnership between the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, University of Minnesota, University of Michigan, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Detroit Zoo and Natureology, I serve as a research assistant for piping plover (Charadrius melodus) conservation including leading captive rearing implementation, protecting nest sites, daily monitoring of bird behavior, recording nesting site information, construction of nest enclosures and assisting fellow researchers with genetic sampling. Additionally, I employed methods of park interpretation by sharing this project work with visitors and supporters of Wilderness State Park. Interpretive work included authoring published essays on piping plover for the National Association for Interpretation (NAI) and authoring a successful grant proposal, awarded by NAI in 2020 to construct a professional diorama at Wilderness State Park.

November, 2011 to June, 2019, Northern Lower Michigan
Conservation Planner/Soil Conservationist
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service
The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) professionally trained me to identify and effectively address natural resource concerns impacting soil, water, air, plants, and wildlife while administering the development and delivery of hundreds of federal grants across Northern Michigan. Following the National Planning Policy, I developed conservation plans for regional landowners that offer alternatives to economic and environmental challenges across Michigan landscapes using guidance outlined in the National Environmental Policy Act. My work entailed daily use of complex software tools including ArcMap 10.3 to create geospatial conservation maps using the National Agriculture Imaging Program in order to interpret conservation strategies to Michigan landowners. Field work included visits to geographically dispersed and remote forestland and farmland to conduct soil testing, evaluate pollinator habitat, study erosion and determine best management practices in natural resources management. Cultivating meaningful partnerships with stakeholders including local, state and other federal agencies, nonprofit organizations and private landowners was pivotal in my success and included steady engagement in public outreach and education. I interpreted conservation efforts and projects at speaking events and author articles for the NRCS Michigan newsletter throughout the year. I currently volunteer personal time for the NRCS Earth Team and offer educational programs to educate youth in conservation stewardship and was awarded the 2013 National Earth Team Employee award.

October, 2010 to March, 2018, Northern Lower Michigan
Getting Kids Outdoors Coalition, Emmet County
Served as Vice-Chair of this community coalition of stakeholders and partners united in the goal to provide interpretive programming opportunities to Northern Michigan families and teachers. Utilized FoundationSearch and DonorPerfect for prospecting development opportunities and other funding research strategies for dynamic fundraising opportunities. Developed and implemented free public interpretive programs and workshops at a variety of venues across the Northern Lower Peninsula. Co-created the project, Passport to Adventure which highlighted visitor destinations across the region. I authored and orally defended successful grant proposals awarded by the Charlevoix County Community Foundation, the Petoskey Harbor Springs Community Foundation, the National Association for Interpretation and Patagonia. Assisted with budget tracking and ordering of all program supplies. I have authored published articles on recreation issues for various organizations including, the Michigan Audubon Society and the National Association for Interpretation. Marketing efforts include the regular use of various software programs including Adobe Illustrator to produce graphic print media for annual mailings. Program implementation includes partnerships with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the Charlevoix County Conservation District, the Emmet County Conservation District, Cheboygan-Otsego-Presque Isle Educational Service District and the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians. Implemented hundreds of hours of volunteer programming in Emmet County.

March, 2003 to June, 2009, Oden, Michigan
Park Interpreter XII
State of Michigan, Office of Education and Outreach
Pioneered visitor services, coordinated public outreach projects, special events, and created the first formal interpretive program for the Michigan Fisheries Visitor Center and our state fish hatchery visitor center program. I recruited and retained community partners and stakeholders to launch the first formal 501c3 friends group of the visitor center. Responsible for balancing the fiscal budget, business planning and managing bids throughout the year for projects related to visitor service needs. I was responsible for the recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training and evaluating seasonal staff for state parks and state fish hatcheries throughout the Northern Lower Peninsula. Coordinated staff schedules and timekeeping. Maintained successful financial management and bookkeeping of revenues and receipts generated from Michigan state hunting and fishing Point of Sale license terminal and visitor center bookstore sales. Purchased all office supplies and resource program staff equipment, sought bids, hired vendors. Responsible for daily building upkeep, repairs, safety and surveillance of building. Maintained watch over building and grounds for lawlessness including vandalism and poaching incidents. Fostered daily care and maintenance of the 1920 historic hatchery building and antiquities. Authored state-wide curriculum for the Michigan Fisheries Visitor Center meeting the Grade Level Content Expectations of Michigan’s Department of Education. Provided professional development opportunities for teachers, and interpretive programs for the public at state parks across the Northern Lower Peninsula including Burt Lake State Park, Petoskey State Park, Wilderness State Park and Young State Park. Developed and provided exceptional year-round guided historic tours of the Oden, Platte and Harrietta State Fish Hatchery which featured a detailed history of the rise and decline of passenger railroads in Northern Michigan. In 2017, I nominated the Friends of Oden State Fish Hatchery and they were recognized by the Michigan Recreation and Parks Association (mParks) for their contributions to fisheries education.

July, 2001 to December, 2001,
Phoenix, Arizona GS 05 Biological Science Technician
United States Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service
Responsible for biological research cataloging of Guayule, Parthenium argentatum. Daily and weekly data entry along with management and upkeep of several Guayule fields and greenhouses on site, implementing integrated pest management. Conducted laboratory experiments involving the extraction of rubber resin from Guayule. Maintained laboratory and inventory. Collected and analyzed field data, assisted in direct seeding projects, transplanting, harvesting and irrigation and flora measurements. Provided public tours of the facility through partnerships with Arizona State University Extension.

July, 2000 to July, 2001, Mattawan, Michigan
Director of the Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery Museum and Visitor Center
Kalamazoo Nature Center
Fostered daily care and maintenance of the visitor center building, exhibits, and antiquities. Successful management of visitor center fiscal budget planning, oversight, and administration. Implemented year-round public events and interpretive programming highlighting the history of fisheries management and hatcheries. Purchased all office supplies and resource program staff equipment. Recruited, hired, trained, and evaluated support staff. Coordinated all staff and program scheduling. Purchased facility’s supplies and equipment. Authored state-wide curriculum for the Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery Visitor Center meeting the Benchmarks, Strands, and Standards of Michigan’s Department of Education. Provided professional development opportunities for teachers. Developed and provided exceptional year-round guided public tours of the Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery. Realized the first bilingual tours at Wolf Lake.

February, 2000 to June, 2000, Arapahoe, North Carolina
Coastal Communities Instructor
Don Lee Environmental Education Center
Interpreted history of the Pamlico Native Americans, flora, fauna, and geologic features unique to the brackish environments for visitors to the Pamlico Sound. Developed and implemented outdoor recreation programs for visiting students and the public to the camp. Aided in all aspects of camp administration including registration, daily schedules, and events. Specialized in canoe instruction for students K -12 emphasizing safety and proper techniques.

May, 1999 to August, 1999, Arco, Idaho
Park Interpreter
National Park Service
Served as park interpreter with the Interpretation Division at Craters of the Moon National Monument during their 75th anniversary. Developed and implemented daily guided hikes and formal weekly presentations throughout ancient volcanic caverns within the Snake River Plain, interpreting historical and cultural features of the Monument, and geologic formations, for students and public visitors. Addressed visitor inquiries within the monument about ancient Shoshone cultures. Maintained exhibits and Monument antiquities. Issued backcountry permits for visitors.

August to May, 1997 through 1998, Carbondale, Illinois
National Recreational Trail Guide
USDA Forest Service
Developed and implemented guided public hikes along National Recreational Trails within the Shawnee National Forest interpreting cultural history, flora, and native fauna of in Southern Illinois. Planned and co-hosted public events and presentations and supported student recruitment efforts of the US Forest Service in partnership with Southern Illinois University.

May to August, 1995 and 1997, Chicago, Illinois
Recreational Leader
Chicago Park District
Assisted with all aspects of the city day camp program for Wrightwood, Wildwood, and Indian Road Parks. Lead worker for youth volunteer program training and evaluating community park supporters. Developed and implemented daily and outdoor recreational activities for campers, planned and coordinated off-site field trips, trained and supervised volunteers. Maintained public safety and accessibility throughout the park landscape ensuring visitor enjoyment and well-being.

Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs
Certified Professional, National Recreation and Park Association
Certified Heritage Interpreter, National Association for Interpretation
Certified Environmental Educator, Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education
Certified Facilitator, Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support
Certified Facilitator, Project Learning Tree
Certified Facilitator, Project W.I.L.D. (Wildlife in Learning Development)
Certified Facilitator, Project W.E.T. (Water Education for Teachers)
Certified Facilitator, Flying Wild
Basic Instructor, National Archery in the Schools Program

Board Member, Michigan Forest Association 2022
National Association for Interpretation, Professional Member
Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education, Annual Conference Presenter and Sponsor
President, Soil and Water Conservation Society, Michigan Chapter, 2016-2017
Vice President, Soil and Water Conservation Society, Michigan Chapter, 2015-2016
Treasurer, National Association for Interpretation, Great Lakes Region IV, 2014
Scholarships/Grants Committee Chair, National Association for Interpretation, Great Lakes Region IV, 2013
Vice Chair, Getting Kids Outdoors Northern Michigan Coalition, 2012 - 2013
Co-Manager, Petoskey Community Victory Garden, Farming for our Future at Pond Hill Farm, 2010 – 2011

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Thomas Say Outstanding Publication, for the Michigan School Forest Guide, National Association for Interpretation, 2020
Outstanding Part-Time Interpreter, National Association for Interpretation, 2016
State of Michigan, Special Tribute by the Ninety-Seventh Legislature at Lansing, 2013
National Educator of the Year, Project Learning Tree, 2013
Outstanding Service, North American Association for Environmental Education, 2013
National Earth Team Volunteer, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, 2013
Michigan Educator of the Year, Michigan Project Learning Tree, 2012